Monday, October 20, 2014

Three Domis, a Golem and an Ashimmu

This past weekend I finally had time to get some actual play time in EVE. It's been a while since I logged in and actually got to join in on a PvP fleet in our wormhole. 

A ping went out for three domis running sites a few jumps down our chain. I logged in and grabbed my trusty Myrmidon and formed up on the outbound wormhole to the good-natured heckling of some of my fleet mates - I was the only one not in a T2/T3.

Our scouts reported that the domis had turned back and entered their home system, a C5 with a very active d-scan. Apparently there were a lot of pods moving around reshipping into stealth bombers and then vanishing off of d-scan. As it turns out, they were heading out a frigate hole into another wormhole system where they were busy trying to kill a Golem (which they managed to do). 

We knew that they had scouts out and about so we tried baiting them with three T1 BCs and two Augorors, hoping that they'd see the T1 logi and come try to pounce on us. Unfortunately they didn't take the bait (or didn't see us, since at this point they were still busy with the Golem) so we had to switch to plan B. 

As we slowly moved our fleet closer and closer to the wormhole leading into their system, there was some debate about whether we should race to their frigate hole, toss a bubble up and try to get some kills, as we had been sitting around not seeing any action. Our FC ended up reaching out to them and organizing a fight. 

They jumped into us with a bunch of stuff, including four Guardians and a bunch of T3 and faction ships. We had one less Guardian than they did, so we tried to focus one of their Guardians off of the field. However, we were fighting in a Cataclysmic Variable system so remote repairs were boosted making taking down logi rather difficult. Our FC called for us to switch our DD suddenly to one of their DD, and he almost went down. Lucky for him his logibros were paying attention and brought him back up. We switched back to the original Guardian and almost broke him. At this point, they decided to bail back to their home C5 system. 

Now while most of the fighting had gone on sitting at 0 on the wormhole, a lone Ashimmu had burned out to go try to neut someone on our side. When his friends jumped back to their home system, we turned our attention back to him and subsequently blapped him. Yes, you did see that correctly; our CEO, the Director of HR and the Director of Education are on that kill mail. See, management get to have fun sometimes!

All in all, we ended up having quite the fun fight with these guys. Additionally, we had the most people online in fleet that any of us had seen in quite some time. It's been a while since we were able to field a fleet this size, since we've been losing a lot of our more experienced members to higher class wormhole corps. 

Next on the docket for me: bringing in some ships for PvP that aren't T1 BCs. I did finish up the training to fly a Legion, but I'm not quite prepared to buy one just yet. I still need to get myself a Guardian into the wormhole as well as finish up my Logistics V. Always more to do!

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