Monday, September 15, 2014

Things have been busy

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I last updated my blog. Things have been so hectic at work in real life that I have had less time for EVE than normal. Let's go over some of the recent events that have happened over the past few weeks.

Hyperion has come and gone with the new wormhole changes. The changes to C4s have made chains considerably longer in my experience, and even the presence of more wormholes all together has made things rather interesting. Frigate wormholes are plentiful but I haven't been seeing too many people take advantage of them. Frigate doctrines have been discussed but not much has happened yet. I believe I saw a post by corbexx saying that his corporation was using them to gank site runners, so that's a useful application.

Crius' industry changes have had quite a bit of success, with increases in manufacturing increasing by 27% and with research increasing up to 165% due to the slot changes. Still, 27% more activity in manufacturing is a huge change and I'm betting that a large majority of that is thanks to how much easier it is to manufacture now.

CSM Matias has resigned and has been replaced with Asayanami, a WH candidate. I'm pleased with having a second wormhole representative on the CSM so this is good news for us wormhole people. I'm looking forward to see what Asayanami has in store for us.

Oceanus releases on September 30th and will be featuring more changes, including some visual updates to wormholes and a bunch of balance changes. Interceptors and interdictors will be targeted off the bat. Something not coming in Oceanus are changes to invention and reverse engineering, which should be interesting. Hopefully they don't make a change that will make all of my invention training useless!

Well that's about it for now. I'll continue to track the Oceanus changes as they're announced and post about them here.