Monday, October 27, 2014

Introducing the E-Uni Podcast!

I wanted to share with my readers a new project that has popped up at EVE University: the EVE University Podcast. I've listened to the first episode and found it quite interesting. The first episode features hosts Kazon Necht (Assistant Personnel Manager) and Danielle en Divalone (Student Advocate) along with their guests Azmodeus Valar (E-Uni CEO) and Krevlorn Severasse (Teacher). 

Here is how Kazon introduced this new project:

The EVE Universe is big and filled with a lot of people who enjoy providing information for all of its players to enjoy. Among the social media experts, bloggers and podcasters are a lot of people who cover various aspects of EVE. We felt that there was a gap in the New Player Experience area and so the EVE University Podcast was born. 

Your hosts Kazon Necht and Danielle en Divalone will take you through various aspects of the University throughout each Podcast, picking an area or topic of discussion and focusing on how it impacts the Uni and the new player experience. At the end, they will evaluate the changes in the most recent patch and talk about upcoming changes in the next proposed patch.

The release cycle is scheduled to be every three weeks or so to allow enough time for events to transpire.

In the first episode we have an interview with EUni CEO Azmodeus Valar where we ask him about himself, his time in the Uni, what he's done and what he might have planned. Azmo then joins us again, after a shortened version of "Introduction to Eve University" from Krevlorn, to chat about the upcoming changes in Phoebe and what they could mean for our members.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them in soundcloud or send Kazon and Danielle a forum message or in game mail.

Where can you find the podcast link and more information??
Go and give the first episode a listen and let me (and us) know what you think!

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