Sunday, June 08, 2014

Pioneering in W-Space: Part 3

This is a re-post of my blog from the EVE University forums to catch you up with what I've been doing.


I've decided that my wormhole needs a name. The Wormhole Campus calls its home Innuendo, and I've decided that it would be easier if I named mine. In that case, keeping with the theme of pioneering in w-space, I've decided to call my wormhole Frontier.

Last night was a busy time in Frontier, but not for me personally. I was keeping an eye on EveEye and, looking for activity before logging in. Sure enough, I saw that people were ratting in my system and there were 3 kills over the period of an hour. As it turns out, one unlucky pilot got blown up and his two mobile tractor units (that I mentioned seeing before) also blew up. These losses were pretty big, totalling over 136 million isk. I'm glad that the two people, from the same wormhole corporation, found him instead of me. I'm guessing that these guys have their home system in a C2 or C3 and have a C1 static that happened to be Frontier. Hopefully that means that today I'll be safe from them, at least, as they will have a new C1 to play with.

My PI is still churning away. Currently I have 1760 P1 products that will net me 670,000 isk based on Jita pricing. I want to talk a little bit about Jita pricing, as I managed to link my spreadsheet to Eve-Central through their API last night. Previously, I was using the median sell price for my Jita price. However, when I went to calculate the difference between filling up my Epithal with P0 resources and P1 resources, I was surprised to see that the difference was only 3 million isk. How could that make sense? As it turns out, the answer is what I'm using as the Jita price. Jita's median price for the P0 resources was skewed pretty high compared to the lowest sell price in the region, which is what I'd most likely be selling at. After making the adjustment to the API, I found that there's a 31 million isk difference between a full Epithal load of P1 compared to P0. That makes more sense.

Since my cloaking finished training, I decided to go out and start scanning down the signatures in the area. The biggest surprise was that there are 14 signatures to scan down, not including the anoms that don't need to be scanned. The second surprise was that I really need to improve my scanning skills on this alt. I was used to my scanning skills on my main, and it was taking me much longer to scan down these sites. Perhaps wormhole sites are harder to scan down than high-sec sites. Either way, I need to find my way to the market to buy some additional scanning skills. I scanned down a few gas sites and a relic site before finally finding a wormhole. Warping to it showed that it was my C1 static, and after bookmarking the location, I jumped out.

I ended up being <10 jumps from Amarr, one of the major trade hubs. I was also <10 jumps from stations with NPC seeded skillbooks, so I headed there to grab my scanning skillbooks. On my way to the station with the skillbooks, I passed through Amarr. Having never been in a trade hub station before, I was somewhat surprised to see how many people were in the system (around 600). Luckily there were only a few people sitting on the various gates that I went through. However, it does make me think about how careful I will need to be when I'm bringing a load of PI materials to a trade hub. I'll certainly need to make some insta dock and insta warp out bookmarks for the trade hub stations before I take my Epithal there. Either way, I've grabbed some additional scanning skillbooks which will hopefully help me scan down sites faster in Frontier.

After jumping back into Frontier, I decided to go check out the POS. It's still active and there actually was a piloted Vexor there tonight. Luckily he didn't see me (or didn't care) and I warped to a safe spot, then to my log out spot. On my way there, I created an unaligned safe spot that will be my new log out spot. I'll probably make another unaligned safe spot and move my mobile depot there. Luckily it still has not been spotted, even though I have the reinforcement timer as backup in case someone tries to blow it up.

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