Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pioneering in W-Space: Part 7

This is the last re-post of my blog from the EVE University forums to catch you up with what I've been doing.


My host left sooner than expected. I logged in after work at my usual time to go through the process of refreshing my PI and transferring the P1 to POCOs. To my surprise, I warped in to find that the tower was gone. I switched over to the pod saver tab and noted that the POCOs had been transferred over a new corporation. I also noticed that the POCO tax had been changed to 100%.

A day or two later I received a mail from a diplomat of the alliance that moved into the wormhole where I was staying. My old host had mentioned our agreement to them and they were wondering if that was something that I was interested in continuing with. Seeing as how our agreement was making me 144 to 168 million monthly for a very tiny time commitment every day, I agreed to continue.

Still, though, the thought remains that I'd like to branch out of just producing P1 and try to do something more interesting. There are several options, including making P2 or higher products or trying my hand at hybrid polymer reactions. In both cases, there will be an additional time commitment required. The main problem is logistics. P2 requires two different P1 inputs to make. Generally, you'd use a factory planet to construct your P2 or higher goods. However, you need to import the P1 from your other planets in order to do so, and this increases the amount of time. For hybrid polymer reactions, you need a POS with the appropriate reactors and silos. In addition to having to bring in the materials required to do the reactions, you'd also have to bring in fuel. Then you'd also have to haul the completed reactions back out to k-space to sell. There is the potential to make a good amount of isk though. Of course, this would depend on whether or not the new alliance would allow me to set up a POS in the first place.

There's a balance to be reached here. Currently I spend a little time and get a little reward. If I invest more time, I will get more reward. The question is: will I grow tired of investing that much time like my old host did?

As an aside, I've been thinking of creating a blog where I can post entries like these. In addition to being a wormhole dweller, I also dabble in the markets as a trader and I also recently started trying out manufacturing. I do read quite a few Eve-related blogs on various subjects, so there might be some interest by newer players in reading about my perspective on a lot of these things.

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