Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pioneering in W-Space: Part 9

In my last entry I mentioned that I had come to an agreement with a reader of my blog about joining his industrial corporation that is currently doing reactions in a C1 and was offered a mentorship of sorts. He has offered to set up a POS with two lines capable of running reactions, plus a drug lab, and also offered to pay the fuel for the first month. In addition, he will give me starting money to purchase the initial gas. In exchange for all of this, I will be producing PI to offset the fuel costs, I will be manufacturing fuel blocks in high sec to save some ISK, and I will also be sourcing the gas at trade hubs and will be placing buy orders.

The other day I scanned down the high sec static from the old system and found out that I was only 6 jumps from the high sec static for the new wormhole. How lucky is that? Thank bob! I quickly jumped in and began setting up my PI chain for producing robotics. Luckily, this system has all of the planets needed to produce POS fuel, and I decided on robotics as it's the most cost intensive component of building fuel other than isotopes.

Now soon the POS will be put up and we will begin with the initial reactions. The most important consideration is deciding what reactions to run. Of course, I am limited in two ways: by the sheer cost of stockpiling certain types of gas, and the logistics of hauling that gas in. However, a third limitation is the fact that this needs to be profitable. No one gains anything if the reactions don't pay for the fuel (at the very least).

A Gallente fuel tower costs in the ballpark of 640,000 ISK per hour to run. This means that running a reaction needs to make more than that to break even, and the reactions need to be running the entire time or you will start cutting in to your bottom line. Chatting with my mentor I was told that it is best to diversify the reactions being run because the prices fluctuate wildly. Therefore, I need two different reactions that will be worth more than 640k an hour in order to break even. It looks like we have a preliminary idea of what to run, based on the reactions he's already running in the hole.

Over the next couple of days I will be setting up a factory planet to convert my P1 into P2 and then P3 Robotics. I will also hopefully see the beginnings of the reactions, too.

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  1. PI spreadsheets are an art form in their own right! You might be surprised to learn that the value of your P1s (or P2s) could be greater than your P3 output.

    I do enjoy making final products that I use, though. Self-sufficiency even at a loss sometimes. Not too bright but fun.