Monday, July 14, 2014

Efficient Site Running

One of our fellow campus members has recently started up a topic on running sites efficiently, using a doctrine from a fellow blogger. This has to do with blitzing C3 combat anomalies by using a single T1 logi, a recon ship (for target painting), and a few attack battlecruisers.

Anyone reading that doctrine might think that it's just plain old silly. However, we have been testing it in our C3 statics and as it turns out, it works fairly well.

The difference between this doctrine and normal site running is that you can do this with relatively few people, as long as you have people that can fly the necessary ships. Because you're using ABCs, the recon ship with the target painter and the webs is necessary to allow the ABCs to hit the frigates. This is good news for wormhole corps that have relatively few people, or have time zones that are under represented.

The other difference is that this doctrine requires paying much more attention than normal site running. It has been very important to keep transversals up against battleships especially, and more than one battleship can tend to cause a bit of a problem without transversal going. Two battleships is okay, three battleships is probably too much. You'll also want your Scythe pilot to have Minmatar Cruiser 4 at a minimum, as 3 seemed to be cutting it too close. Further, the logistics drones are a key part of this doctrine and need to be utilized, especially with only one logi.

Now, I suspect that if you get jumped with this doctrine, you're pretty much toast. The ships do not have points on them, and the recon is the only ship with webs. If your attackers were stupid enough to come in at range, you might be able to blap them before they get to you. But if a Proteus decloaks right next to the ABCs, you can probably kiss your ships goodbye.

All in all, this doctrine has proven itself to be quite useful. I've been training up my Minmatar cruiser skills so that I can fly the Scythe for this doctrine whenever necessary. Also, the sites do tend to go quickly with the high DPS of the ABCs, so that's another bonus. This is definitely worth a shot for any new wormhole corps out there.

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