Tuesday, July 01, 2014

First Time Logi Bro

"Guys, my ship is on fire."

I logged on to Jeff today and saw that our fleet only had a few people in it. Immediately, I heard "Jeff, can you fly an Exequror? PvP in Z2!" Luckily, I had previously trained a bunch of T1 logistics skills in the past and I had always wanted an opportunity to try it out. I grabbed an Exequror out of the communal POS and warped to the Z1 hole, waiting for my logi bro to join me. As we were forming up, I listened to the fact that they had found some active people two wormholes away and it seemed like they were itching for a fight. There was even a Loki hiding on the other side of the hole that almost caught my logi bro as he was heading back to grab his Exequror.

The plan was simple: we'd wait on the Z2 hole in Z1 and wait for the fight to come to us. They'd be polarized if they jumped back through to their home hole (Z2) while we could follow them and extract easily if necessary. We set up with two DD and two logi and waited for the fight to come. Unfortunately, it didn't. As another DD came into Mumble and joined us, our FC decided it was worth it to bait them by going into their hole and start shooting at their Hurricane Fleet Issue while the logi waited on the other side of the hole. They took the the fight and followed through when our DD jumped back into Z1.

This ended up being quite a long fight. We ended up fighting them in Z1 and continued the fight on the other side of the hole. As they approached low armor, they came back to our side for repairs. There was a lot of jumping back and forth. In the end, we ended up killing three Hurricane Fleet Issues, an Exequror Navy Issue, a Gila and someone's pod. In total, we ended up killing over 1 billion ISK in ships and fittings.

For my first time as a logi bro, I think I didn't do too bad. We sat far off the hole, kept everyone alive and ended up with a bunch of good fights in local. I think now I might have been bitten by the logi bug. I've gathered some skill books for Amarr ships so I can fly the Augoror in the future. Maybe T2 logi will be in my future!

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