Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Quiet Weekend

This was a long weekend for us Canadians and I was hoping to use some of my extra time off to get some things done in EVE. Wormhole life is great because you don't have local, which means you can sneak an entire fleet into a wormhole and they won't notice unless they're smashing D-scan (which they should be).

We formed up for many potential fights this weekend but every one seemed to fall through for one reason or another. We spotted some people down our chain and decided to put a bait ship in their system. Turns out they didn't bite, but they convoed us to tell us they couldn't bring a fight, even though they had more people than us. Apparently, they thought that because we were E-Uni we had more people waiting to join in. In reality, we didn't. Of course, by the time we got back home someone else from their corp convoed us saying that they could fight, but by then we had lost some of our pilots and couldn't bring a fight.

We had some sort of connection with Hard Knocks yesterday, we saw one of their pilots and one of their alt pilots in our connections. Unfortunately we couldn't find where they were coming from and they didn't come try to jump us while we were running sites.

We also had a distress call from one of our members in low sec. I guess he was ratting in a destroyer so we all abandoned our site running and spiked local as we jumped in and warped to them. Some of them warped off and two of them kited us out to 250km+. In local they accused our member of baiting for a fleet. I'm not sure if you've ever seen a bait Algos before, but I sure haven't. As I said, he was in the low sec system which was the static of the system we were running sites in, so we were happy to go soil their pants for them. I shot them a quick wave as we left the system as quickly as we entered.

We also played various games with people sitting on holes, including an Abaddon that jumped out through an EOL hole that we didn't want to chase and a number of covops ships that were popping on and off of d-scan.

We also had a pilot find some nullbears mining ore in one of our null sec connections. They quickly POSed up when they saw him in local, so we tried waiting a while and jumping in and charging for them. They were warping off even as our interceptors arrived on grid, so they were doing a good job of mining while aligned. Good for them, that saved them their ships.

I'm sure I'm missing something, but for me this was a quiet weekend for PvP. I did get to run a number of sites and an Instrumental in a C5, so at least it was a good ISK making weekend.

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