Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wormhole Town Hall - TODAY at 22:00 UTC

I just found out about this myself, but there is going to be a wormhole town hall meeting regarding the Hyperion changes at 22:00 UTC - that's 30 minutes from now. CSM Corbexx and CCP Fozzie will be there, plus potentially more CSMs and more devs. If you're interested, get TS3 downloaded!

So posting to let everyone know I'm hoping to have a town hall for wh bro's on the date above. I've been temp green lit to use SSC's joint TS.
Focus will be on the wormhole dev blog here, ... -unknowns/
Apologies for the short notice I'm hoping to sort a couple moderators and some one to mediate. With luck we should have a Dev or two there.
Ideally I'd like as many people there as possible espically people from lower class wormholes, If you are coming please make sure to read the dev blog before hand.
Once Ihave the final ok on TS details I'll post them as well.
Will probably be some other CSM people on as well but there will be no derailing from topic. Its a wormhole town hall first and only
CCP Fozzie confrimed to be there.
The teamspeak address is "" with no password. The channel will be "WH Town Hall" which will be moderated.

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