Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friends in Need

EVE University's campuses are distinct and spread out. We have a campus in high-sec Amarr (mining), a campus in high-sec Solitude, a campus in low-sec Placid, a campus in null-sec Syndicate, and a campus in wormhole space. Each campus has separate management, separate requirements for joining, and a separate community.

However, the campuses within the University are like a family and no matter how spread out they are, if one campus needs help the other campuses will be there to pitch in a hand.

A little while back, RvB (the two corporations always at war) decided to team up and war dec the Uni, setting up a staging area within Aldrat, our HQ system. Campus members poured out of the woodwork, swarming Aldrat with highly skilled PvP pilots and FCs that were ready to take on what RvB brought to us.

Now, there's word that one of our sister campuses needs help in their local area. The other campuses are voting overwhelmingly in support of deploying to the region to help out. Indeed, logistics and doctrines are already underway in preparation.

These deployments are incredibly fun. I had such a fantastic time during the RvB war. I had never PvPed prior to that, and the experience of being in a fleet taking on another fleet gave me the confidence I needed to start engaging in more PvP. I cannot emphasize enough the amount of fun and content that these deployments can generate. I always encourage our newbies to come out and join these engagements, even if they're flying a tackle or EWAR frigate.

There is also another lesson to be learned here, and that's the power of having good relationships with those around you. By showing up to help a fellow campus (or friendly corp, or alliance, or just a capsuleer), you build goodwill with them. You can rest assured that the next time you're in need of assistance, the people that you have helped will remember how you helped them and come running. More than once I have read blogs by others where their corporation was aided by friendly corporations that they have taken the time to develop relationships with. It's important to grow these relationships wherever possible.

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