Tuesday, July 22, 2014

POS Bashing Ishtars

This past weekend I was heading down one of our chains to fix up the bookmarks when I ended up in the last system in the chain. I hit d-scan out of habit, like usual, and saw 2 Ishtars with the same name pop up. I wondered if they were at a POS, since only one planet was within d-scan range and I did see an active tower with a force field on d-scan also.

I warped to the tower and ended up being over 200km off the POS. But interestingly, the Ishtars were even further away and had Bouncer IIs out. What? Were they not inside of the force field but outside? Are they bashing the POS? I started slowboating into range and called out on comms asking if anyone was interested in ganking a pair of Ishtars.

As I was moving into range, a fleet formed up and headed to one jump out. We managed to get a cloaky Proteus into the system and I was able to provide a cloaky warp-in for him. As he was warping to me, he uncloaked and gave the order for everyone else to jump through and charge for the wormhole that I was in.

Almost immediately, I saw the Ishtars begin aligning and they warped away to a safe somewhere. As it turns out, this POS bashing multi-boxer had another alt in the low-sec system leading into the wormhole and either he saw local spike or his alt was cloaked on the hole and saw our guys warping to it. Either way, he laughed in local and ended up safe.

Now, interestingly, he missed my covops and a corpmate's cloaky Proteus getting into the system. If we would have had a cloaky fleet, we probably would have gotten the drop on him. This is especially true as he wasn't watching d-scan in the hole. I decided to try to scare him off and troll him by dropping combats and scanning him down. I lazily did it with multiple passes and he never noticed. As I was leaving to head back to our home system, he said something in Russian in local that roughly translated to "finally heading home?"

Although we got outsmarted by the extra careful guy with eyes both in the hole and outside of it, I was happy that I generated a bit of content on an otherwise quiet afternoon, even if we didn't get the kill. Had we had a wormhole to wormhole connection into that system, he would never have seen us coming. I hate local! Still, finding us a gank was a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll be able to find more in the future.

Note to self: I need to fit a point on my covops so I can hero tackle the next time I find someone. T3s and their delay when uncloaking means that someone paying close enough attention can get away.

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