Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Crius: Invention Changes

The industry changes coming to us with the Crius expansion have now hit SiSi, meaning that everyone who is interested in seeing what's new can log on there and check it out for themselves.

Since I'm working on a manufacturing alt, T2 production and the invention that is associated with it is something that I have been reading up on. For example, it is currently necessary to make max-run BPCs of the T1 BPO for T2 items that you wish to make. This is so you will be able to have a max-run T2 BPC with a successful invention. This will no longer be the case in Crius.

There are three important changes to invention coming in Crius:

  • Copy times for T1 blueprints are being reduced below the build times.

  • Invention now only requires a one-run BPC. If you use a BPC with more than one run, the invention process will remove one run from the original number of runs.

  • Extra materials have gone the way of the dodo bird, making it easier to see at a glance how many materials you will need.

  • These changes will improve the quality of life for T2 manufacturers as they will help to reduce the number of clicks that are required to start invention jobs. Additionally, they will help improve the quality of life for all manufacturers.

    One thing I never understood was the extra materials. In addition to not being impacted by ME research, the fragmented nature of the materials meant it would take a longer time to tally up how much you needed to buy in order to install a job. Like others, I'm sure, I have been relying on IPH to let me know how many minerals I need to purchase for x runs of a manufacturing job.

    It's important to note however that Crius will have many changes for industry as a whole, but not invention. More changes to invention will be coming after Crius goes live, according to CSM mynnna.

    For me, these changes will be easy to learn as I haven't started working extensively in T2 manufacturing as of yet. For others who have been doing T2 manufacturing since before I started playing, it might take some getting used to. Either way, these are but a taste of the changes to invention that will becoming later down the line. I'm looking forward to seeing what CCP has in store for us.

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